Mr. Rachal Baby Eating Game

  • In this game you have to run around and save the babies that Mr. Rachal is trying to eat. 

  • This is our board game.

    1. Choose your piece to play with. The skeleton (blue piece) is Mr. Rachal, this character is the bad guy,
    2. Roll the dice to see who goes first. Highest number goes first, then the 2nd highest number and so on.
    3. You start at the start square
    4. Roll the dice and move that many space YOU DO NOT ROLL AGAIN IF YOU GET DOUBLES.
    5. Follow the arrows around the game, and do what the square says.
    6. If  you are the  blue piece (Mr. Rachal), and you roll  an even number on your dice, you divide by 2 if it's an odd number you subtract 4
    7. If you get one square from the end then you have  to go to back to start if you mover shot the square.
    8. If you do get the right answer, then you stay in the spot if you get the wrong answer then you go back to the square before you moved
    9. If Mr. Rachal lands in the same square as you then you go back to start

Baby eater
  • The man above is Randy Rachal a scary man that will try to take your babies.

Last Modified on February 27, 2019