8 - Math Course Placement

  • How are 8th grade math course placement decisions made?
    All students enrolled in Math 7 will take the Math 8 End of Course Assessment.

    The majority of students will be placed in Math 8. Students who are passionate about math have the option to choose Algebra as an elective course, taken in conjunction with Math 8.

    A small number of students with proficiency of 85% or more of the Math 8 content will be placed in Algebra.

    Students who successfully complete Algebra (with a grade of 75% or higher) and have shown a proficiency of 85% or higher in Math 8 content, will be placed in Honors Geometry in 8th grade.

    How are 9th grade math course placement decisions made?
    Students are placed in High School classes based on their 8th grade teacher's recommendation.

    What does the course sequence look like?

     8th Grade Math Placement FLowchart