Art History - Connect

  • High Priority Standards

    NCCAS Standards 2014 - Artistic Process - Connecting
    Anchor Standard: Relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external content.

    Learning Goal
    Students will be able to understand the stories of others through their art.

    Proficiency Scale
    Level 4: Student demonstrates an in-depth inference or advanced application or innovates with the learning goal.

    Level 3: Student demonstrates mastery with the learning goal as evidenced by:

    • Discovering and describing the relationship between historical and contemporary events and the art that people produce during those times.

    Level 2: Student demonstrates he/she is nearing proficiency by:

    • Recognizing and recalling specific vocabulary, such as: society, culture, historical, contemporary.
    • Performing processes such as:
      • Identifying historical artworks.
      • Exploring the link between art and ideas, and world events.

    Level 1: Student demonstrates a limited understanding or skill with the learning goal.

    Students know how to:

    • Recognize important artworks throughout history.
    • Research to find information on artists and periods of art.
    • Match art and ideas of different times with world events.
    • Write a research paper on an artist, style or contemporary art event.