• In the Spring of 2013, a Safe Routes to School Engineering Assessments was conducted to examine the traffic flow around Avery Elementary and to make recommendations to improve the efficiency and safety for both school families and the community.

    This past year, a team comprised of teachers, parents, and administrators collaborated with the purpose of improving the arrival and dismissal procedures at Avery. The safety and security of our students was the top priority during these planning meetings. The team also considered the culture and community that Avery families greatly value. The following changes will be introduced to begin the school year. Your assistance in making arrival and dismissal at Avery safer is greatly appreciated.

    Arrival from 7:40-7:50 AM

    • Bompart Avenue
      • Carpool drop-off only in front of school – parents to remain in vehicles with staff members assisting students
      • No parking during arrival
      • Staff members will supervise at the curb
    • Marshall Avenue
      • Atrium entrance will be open for arrival for students dropped off on Marshall
      • Staff members will supervise at the curb
    • Atalanta Avenue
      • We strongly encourage families to travel only from Bompart towards Glen to alleviate congestion and increase safety
      • No parking on sidewalks
      • Staff members will supervise at the curb

    Dismissal 2:50 PM

    • Bompart Avenue 
      • Kindergarten and Fifth  grades will dismiss out front
    • Atalanta Avenue
      • First and Fourth grades will dismiss along the side
    • Blacktop
      • Second and Third grades will dismiss on the back blacktop
    • Back Parking Lot
      • Staff parking only
      • No entrance or exit from 2:20-2:50

    The drawing below illustrates the desired traffic pattern that we feel will make arrival and dismissal safer and more efficient. We appreciate your assistance with these changes to the arrival and dismissal procedures at Avery. The safety and wellbeing of students, families, and the community will continue to be a priority at Avery Elementary.

    Avery Arrival & Dismissal