Welcome to Mrs. Hobold's Math Class

  • I am very excited to share my love of learning with you!  I know that we will learn new and wonderful things this year.  As the school year begins, I wanted to share a few things with you:

    1.Expect to have homework or “practice” almost every night. Just like shooting free throws, the more you practice the better you will perform. Homework will consist of a few problems that either review that day’s lesson or preview upcoming topics. Students are expected to “practice” every day

    2. I expect you to show all of your work on every problem. I can help you more if you show me how you get the solution to your problems. The steps you took are every bit as important as the answer, because that demonstrates how you think and reason.

    3. Homework is viewed as practice and as a means to help you understand the content more thoroughly. Homework (formative) will be a very minimal part of your overall grade. Quizzes, either regular or in class, are also formative. The formative portion of your grade will compose 20% of your semester grade.

    4. Most of your grade will be determined by using summative assessments (tests) and Cumulative Reviews. Summative assessments are meant to show your mastery of concepts, and will determine 80% of the overall grade.

Contact Mrs. Hobold

  • Phone: 918-4608
    Email: hobold.terrie@wgmail.org