• Hello Edgar Road Families! 

    It seems surreal that I won't be seeing all of you again for many weeks.  As we work through what our "distance learning" will look like, I have created a Google Counseling Classroom for students to explore.  The link to the Google Classroom is:  Mrs. Luesse's Counseling Classroom  

    If that doesn't work, your child's teacher should put my Google Classroom code in their classrooms for you to see.  My Google Classroom code is:  33p6pan

    On the Google Counseling Classroom, I will be uploading videos, newsletters and activities related to mindfulness and social emotional learning.  None of these activities are required, just available to you if you need them.  

    I will also have office hours available from 10:00 - 11:00 and 1:00 - 2:00 every day.  You can call my office line at 314-918-4503 and leave a message or email me at luesse.sara@gmail.org.  I will be checking email and voicemail every hour and respond back to you during my office hours.  Of course, if you need me to respond at a different time, just let me know and we can arrange an appointment to talk.  

    The times were are living in are incredibly uncertain and with uncertainty brings anxiety and feelings of overwhelm.  Please reach out and let me know if you or your child needs to talk.  We can get through this together!