• Students will help develop specific classroom rules and procedures they feel are important to our community. These rules may evolve and change throughout the year as we do. The following expectations help set a healthy environment for musical learning! 

    ake good choices and do the right thing.
    se kind words.
    how up for yourself.
    novlve yourself in what we do.
    are for our room.

    Be Tuneful. Be beatful. Be artful. I hold these ideals of Dr. John Feierabend close to my heart. Our culture is shaped and defined by our art. Music is a mode of self-expression and reflection as well as a staple in our cultural events and celebrations. Children who leave elementary school loving music become adults who make those meaningful connections with others and spread that love throughout their lives!


    • Talk with family and friends about what you've learned in music.
    • Look for and attend musical events in your community.
    • Notice all the ways you interact with music outside of the music classroom.
    • Create your own music and share it if you're comfortable.
    • And most importantly...SING, PLAY, and DANCE like NOBODY is watching!