• Second Grade Homework Policy:

     To be successful people, we need to live balanced lives. Having a social and family life is just as important as one’s academic life. It is important to foster a balanced lifestyle at an early age. School takes up most of your child’s day. They work hard at school and their teachers expect a lot out of them. We believe that children need to go home and pursue their hobbies, passions, and have unstructured play.

    Therefore, in Second Grade, your child’s homework will be the following:

    1. Communicate - Have nightly conversations. (Use your child’s class’s shared Google Drive folder and Seesaw to start conversations about what’s going on in school).
    2. Read - Read as a family for 15-20 minutes each night.
    3. Imagine - What do you wonder? What is something you would like to do? What do you dream about? What do you think about?
    4. Play or create - Play a game, participate in a sport, draw or make something, investigate how something works, make dinner with your family, etc.

    On his/her designated day, your child will come home with a homework sheet.  Your child should turn in the homework sheet on the same day in the following week. The homework sheet will have the following questions on it:

    1. What is something you talked with you family about this week?
    2. What are some books you read this week?
    3. What is something you imagined this week?
    4. What is something you played, investigated or created this week?

    Optional homework materials will be provided by request.


    Math games to play at home (optional homework)