• What will my child do at Afternoon Adventure Club?
    After school the children are dismissed to Adventure Club where attendance is taken, staff makes daily announcements, and the children have snack, and/or free choice activity stations. The remainder of the afternoon is committed to activities planned by children &/or staff, homework club, outdoor recess if the weather allows, gym recess if the weather is bad, and free choice activities.

    How much does Adventure Club cost?
    Adventure Club tuition is broken down into monthly installments based upon the number of school days scheduled for the year, spread evenly over the school year. Your monthly fees are set according to the number of days, and times of day, which you choose to have your child(ren) attend. Monthly costs will also be effected by the use of Occasional Care Cards or if your family registers for any Early Dismissal or Full Release Day care during the month. Refer to the Fee Schedule, Family Handbook, and/or Early Dismissal/Full Release contracts for details on what your monthly fee should be. If you need further information contact Chris Stuckel: (314) 963-6440 / stuckel.christine@wgmail.org.

    How do I enroll my child in Adventure Club?
    You must complete a Registration Form and submit it with payment to the Ambrose Family Center. It should be noted that Adventure Club has, in the past, had a waiting list for enrolled families. The status of “Actively Enrolled”, or “On Waiting List” will depend on Adventure Club being able to safely balance the staff to child ratio. Registering as soon as possible is advisable.

    How will I know my child has a space in Adventure Club?
    Families registering will receive a notification of their enrollment status after the established enrollment period’s deadline. The Ambrose Family Center will notify you of your status as actively enrolled or if you have been placed on the waiting list after that time. 

    How early and/or late can my child be at Adventure Club?
    The morning session opens at 7:00am, remaining open until school starts. 
    The after-school session starts when school ends and remains open until 6:00pm.
    Full Day services, on specified days when school is closed, operates during these same hours.
    Half Day services, on Early Release days, begin immediately upon afternoon dismissal, until 6:00pm.

    What is the minimum number of days my child can attend?
    Children must be enrolled a minimum of three days per week. Days need not be consecutive. 

    Can I change the number of days, or the specified days, or the times of day my child attends?
    Yes, you need only complete and submit a Change of Enrollment form to the Ambrose Family Center. These forms are available on the Adventure Club website or upon request from Adventure Club staff. Enrollment changes, and any subsequent billing changes, take effect on the first of each month.  You can always contact the Ambrose Family Center for more details using any of the following methods:
    Phone (314) 963-6440   /   Email rempinski.autumn@wgmail.org   /    FAX (314) 968-9259.

    Once enrolled am I enrolled for the entire school year?
    Only if you wish to be. You can withdraw by completing a Withdrawal form... but we'd hate to see you leave! 

    Does Adventure Club offer care on Early Dismissal days (Half Days)?
    Adventure Club does offer extended afternoon care on Early Dismissal days. You must complete the Early Release Day Contract and submit it to the Ambrose Family Center prior to the indicated enrollment deadline for the specific Early Dismissal day for which you are registering. Early Dismissal Contracts are available on our website or upon request from an Adventure Club staff member. Early Dismissal days do require a separate registration fee. For more details use any of the following methods to contact the Ambrose Family Center:  (314) 963-6440 / jordan.aniecia@wgmail.org 

    Is Adventure Club available for winter break, spring break, summer break or other days when school is closed?
    Yes & No.

    Adventure Club provides care during Summer Break. In addition there are several days during the school year when classes are not being held, but Adventure Club offers care for the day. These are called “Full Release Days”. Separate registrations are required for the Summer Adventure Club program & for any of the school year's Full Release Days.


Detailed information regarding registering for Summer Adventure Club will be available at least one month prior to the break.


Enrollment forms for the school year’s Full Release Days are available at the beginning of each school year. Families must complete the Full Release Day contracts for each of the available full days care is needed.


All registration forms are downloadable on the Adventure Club website; hardcopies in the Adventure Club Family Info area at Clark, or upon request from an Adventure Club staff member. 


All registration paperwork must be submitted to the Ambrose Family Center prior to the indicated enrollment deadline for the specific session for which you are registering. 

    Please note that the Summer & Full Day sessions are not charged in the monthly tuition. Your family is charged only upon registering for these special enrollment sessions.


Dates for Full Days and Breaks are available on the Adventure Club School Year Calendar, on our website, or in the Family Info area, or upon request from an Adventure Club staff member. 

    Our hours of operation during Summer Adventure Club & Full Days remains the same: 7:00am through 6:00pm.


Adventure Club does not offer care during the Winter Break, or Spring Break.
For more details use any of the following methods to contact the Ambrose Family Center:
(314) 963-6440 / jordan.aniecia@wgmail.org

    Can I pay my tuition or registration fees at the school?
    Under no circumstances can Adventure Club fees be paid at the school or left with school staff.  All tuition and/or fees must be paid at the Ambrose Family Center; either by hand delivery, being mailed (222 W. Cedar, St. Louis, MO, 63119), online via the link provided in your emailed statement, or by setting up Automatic Debit. Details about payment options are included with each registration form, or in tuition information. Questions can be directed to Christine Stuckel: (314) 963-6440 / stuckel.christine@wgmail.org 


    If you happen to have any additional questions regarding the Adventure Club program please do not hesitate to reach out to the  Webster Groves School District Adventure Club’s Program Coordinator, Autumn Rempinski.