• Do you have some of these same questions?

    1.  How can I support my child?-Communication is key!  Communicate with your child each day about school.  Communicate with your child's teacher.  Get involved and come to school activities when your shedule allows.  Ask questions if you are unsure of something. 

    2.  Is there homework in  Mrs. Schroeder's class?-When in doubt, read with your child or have them read to you!  Very soon your child will be bringing home familiar books to read each night(Monday-Thursday).  Occasionally, there will be a math homework page.  Outside discovery and time spent with family is also very important in developing the whole child. 

    3.  Can my child bring a snack or water bottle?-There will not be snacks served in the classroom unless a child had a special dietary need.  Lunch is at 11:15am everyday.  I encourage hydration and welcome a water bottle that can easily be opened and closed.

    4.  Could I volunteer in the classroom?-Yes!  There will be opportunities for families to join us on field trips, class parties, and possibly classroom volunteer time once we get into our daily routine.