• Homework – While we will sometimes assign special fun projects as homework, our first graders will not have regular nightly homework.  Our students will have weekly spelling words they might practice, but the only nightly expectation is for students to read.  Your child will bring home a poly envelope each night with several books that are at his/her independent reading level, and should spend 15-20 minutes reading (and even rereading) these books.  Thanks for helping to ensure that this envelope and its books make it back to school each day!

     Monday Memo – Every Monday I will send out a short newsletter with miscellaneous notes about things that are happening in our classroom, upcoming field trips, student accomplishments, etc.  This page also includes the weekly spelling list.  Please be sure to pull the Monday Memo out of your child’s home folder and put it in a safe place each week.  It will also be helpful if you will read it!

    Home Folder – Your first grader will have a lime green “Home Folder” that will travel to and from school each day.  This is where you’ll find communication from me, notices from the school, work your child has done, etc.  It’s also where you will put anything you need to send to me or to the school office.  Some days the folder will be empty, yet I hope you and your child will get into a routine of checking the home folder each night.  Any student work that is sent home should be taken out and kept at home – and hopefully oohed and aahed over a bit.