• Q: Where do I find homework assignments, class notes, and answer keys?

    A: Google classroom.  Check with Mrs. Rutz if you need a classroom code.


    Q: Do you have tutoring hours?

    A: Yes!  Mornings before school, 7:30 - 7:55, and after school 2:40 - 3:00.  Check the sign outside Mrs. Rutz's room in case she is in a meeting.


    Q: How are grades calculated?

    A: Grades are weighted.  For Algebra 2 - Trig, grades are made up of 10% homework, 30% quizzes, and 60% tests.  For College Algebra, grades are made up of 5% homework, 35% quizzes, and 60% tests.  Your final will be 15 - 20% of your overall grade.