• Mr. Schaefer will be using SIS Gradebook, Google Blog pages, Google Classroom, Google Email, and our WG Cloud Drives to assign work, collect work and manage the classes.



    STUDENTS - please become familiar with these technologies, if you are struggling to acquire the skills in these applications reach out to me and I will gladly help you gain confidence in their features.

    PARENTS - Please assist your child in learning these applications or reach out and let me help you as well.




    schaefer.todd@wgmail.org (WGHS outlook)

    schaefer.todd@wgcloud.org (cloud account)


    All Grades will be found in the SIS Portal

    • Students are expected to check their gradebook often and share any concerns immediately with their teacher in writing.

    • All parents are expected to check the portal and reach out to the teacher with concerns (by phone or email)

    • Grades are entered within a week of the assignment's deadline.


    CLASSES - Fine Art (FA) Credit

    Drama I - (1 semester -1/2 FA Credit) - Introduction to acting / basic history of theatrical performance

    This class will require the student to learn skills in class - working alone and with others. There is weekly homework.

    There will be reading, writing, warm-up activities, theater games, research, memorization, and regular tests on the stage in the form of prepared classroom performance.


    Improvisation - (1 semester - 1/2 FA Credit) - Introduction to improvisation / Commedia / sketch comedy / one acts

    This class explores the history of improvisational acting and requires the student to become a part of the class "troupe"

    The students will produce two publis offerings - Improv Tourn and a short festival of comedy sketches (possibly some film shorts as well) 


    Advanced Drama I - (full year - 1 FA Credit) - Acting Theory / Directing / Production

    This class explores the theory of acting. Students are expected to explore the history of the artform, various styles, and scripts.

    This class explore the process of directing and production for live audience. Students are expected to particpate in classtime and evening productions offered by the class.

    There will be reading, writing, research, warm-up activities, script scoring, memorization, and regular prepared performances pieces for live audiences of invited patrons.


    Technical Theater - (1 semester - 1/2 FA Credit) - Theater History / Production Design / Stage Craft

    This class explores everything required to produce a play but the role of the actor.

    Students are expected to particpate in the drawing exercises, tool training, and self driven design challenges. 

    There is reading, writing, video support, designing, building/crafting and theater tours.

    ALL STUDENTS ARE required to watch the FALL or SPRING Production on campus in order to complete a follow-up essay assignment.


    CLASSES - Communcation Art (COMM Art) Credit

    Public Speaking - (1 semester - 1/2 COMMArt credit)

    See the blog pages for this classes curriculum and assignments before the class even starts!

    Visit www.wgspeechanddebate.blogspot.com

    Debate- (1 semester - 1/2 COMMArt credit)

    This is a class of argumentation. The students learn the termionology and rules of the game.

    Students are expeted to research / write prepared cases / debate in front of the class


  • It is the student's repsonsiblity to engage the technology and ask for help when needed. Mr. Schaefer can always be reached at schaefer.todd@wgmail.org