What is the Edgar Road School Equity Parents Group?

  • In early 2017, several parents came together to support equity initiatives at ERS to ensure that all students feel connected and represented in our school. We’ve worked toward a number of goals, including:

    • Improved student access to books representing a variety of ethnicities through the Eye See Me book fairs
    • Offered moderated parent/teacher conversations about racial identity through the YWCA’s Witnessing Whiteness program
    • Improved engagement and participation in extracurricular activities to deepen cross-cultural relationships
    • Provided multicultural crayons and colored pencils to all classrooms
    • Promoted community and school district events which foster diversity and inclusion, including an annual Family Reading Night
    • Installed the Cbabi Bayoc mural “You Can Be Anything” to ensure the hallways are welcoming and representative of the student body
    • Encouraged teachers to incorporate multicultural lessons, books, or projects into their classrooms

    We’re proud to have the support of Dr. Wuch and the PTO; work with Jaguars for Justice, the teacher group; and actively play a role in Webster Equity Bridge discussions. If these goals interest you or if you are looking for a safe space to learn about race in education, we’d love for you to join us at a meeting or on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1505823419437298/ For more information, please contact us at ERS.Equity@gmail.com.