• Does my child have homework?

    We are going to do A LOT of work in class, but some things that are unfinished will be required to be finished at home. Assignments are either placed in Google Classroom (requires a log in) or need to be completed in the student's Thinkbook. 

    All homework will be posted on the Team Yellow Homework document (HERE).

    Required homework:

    • Nightly reading of a chosen novel
    • Unfinished work from class
    • Any projects that you will need more time on outside of class

    How often should my child be reading?

    In school: the students will have designated time in ELA to read their chioce novel.  They might be able to "steal" some minutes from down time in other classes.  They are required to bring their novel to every Team Yellow class.

    Outside of school: The expectation is that your child is reading three books a month.  

    What are the expectations and procedures for your class?

    My classroom follows the Team Yellow expectations.  They can be found on the main team page.

    What supplies does my child need for your class? 

    • Composition Notebook
    • Novel that will be carried with you to every class every day
    • Writing Utensils