Audition Information

  • UPDATE: If you cannot get the tracks below to work, you may also choose to join "Hixson A cappella 2018-2019" on Google Classroom, and enter code 9bsa9

    Auditions will be held after school (choose one) 3:30-4:15.

    Tuesday September 4th,
    Thursday September 6th.
    Tuesday September 11th.

    If those times don't work, please see Ms Gado in room 119 or email

    For your audition, learn one of the parts from  Carry On My Wayward Son or Goodnight, Sweetheart.

    You will be expected to fill in the missing part, like a Karaoke track. You may sing alone, or in a group of 2or 3 people.

    "Learn your part" tracks play your part alone (with piano in the background)
    "Audition tracks" will have your part missing. (This is what you'll sing along to at the audition)
    "All" Tracks will let you hear what it should sound like with all parts together.

     Students are expected to bring a book or quiet work while they wait for their turn. Students can be turned away from auditions if they are too noisy during others' auditions.