• Homework: Most of our written assignments will be done in class with time for students to finish. If they do not finish, they need to do that before the next class. Projects are the only assignments that may take extra time at home. What students are expected to do at home is to study the new vocabulary for the day in their notebook so that they know it for the next class.

    Students are allowed 3 "oops!" days per semester. If they forgot to do or bring back an assignment, they can turn it in the next day without losing credit. After the 3rd time, grades on assignments will go down for late work.

    Notebooks: Notebooks are especially important since we do not issue textbooks. Every student should keep up with notes and bring the notebook to class every day. Parents can look at notebooks to see what we are working on and use them to quiz their child on the latest material, even if they don't speak French: for example, "Spell the word for pencil".