PE, Health, & Fitness Courses

  • Expectations, Policies, and Curriculum Information
    The purpose of physical education is to guide students in the process of becoming physically active for the rest of their lives and to increase knowledge on leading a healthful lifestyle.

    1. Follow all directions. 
    2. Be on time and prepared for class. 
    3. Actively participate in class. 
    4. Show respect for self, others, and property. 
    5. Give your best effort and have fun! 

    Physical Education Criteria
    •Dressed for activity
    • Class exercises and cardio training 
    • Participation 
    • Conduct 
    • Sportsmanship 
    • Skills testing and exams 
    • Complete assignments 

    Point Deductions
    • Inappropriate dress 
    • Unacceptable conduct 
    • Not following class rules 
    • Make-up missing work for absences 
    • Poor participation/cooperation 
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct 
    • Lack of effort 

    Health Grade Criteria
    • Class participation 
    • Written assignments 
    • Projects and/or presentations
    • Tests/Quizes

    Illness and Injury Policy
    • A parent note will excuse a student from Physical Education participation for a maximum of 3 days. The student is still expected to dress out. 
    • A doctor's note will excuse a student from Physical Education and dressing out. 
    • All notes must go to the nurse before school. 
    • After each absence, a student will be required to make up any work missed.  If this is not possible the student should see his or her instructor for an alternate assignment.

    Personal Property
    Each student will be issued a lock and locker. (A replacement lock, if necessary, costs about $5.00) Each student is responsible for locking up all of his or her personal items during P.E. class.

    Physical Education/Fitness Clothing
    The dress code of the Hixson Middle School Physical Education Program has been designed with your student's health, safety, and hygiene uppermost in our minds. Appropriate clothing is required for class. Clothing will not display inappropriate words or pictures and will cover a student well.  An optional P.E. uniform is available to purchase. 
    • A Crew neck T-shirt (The student's name should be on both the shirt and shorts.) 
    • Athletic shorts -no zippers, pockets, or belt loops. 
    • Tennis shoes - Athletic shoes and socks. No heeled, backless, or slip on shoes or boots. 
    • Sweat suits/jackets are allowed over uniform if desired. 
    • All clothing should be taken home weekly for cleaning.

    Physical Education Activities
    Fall: Group games, flag football , lacrosse (8th grade), soccer/speedball (7th grade), physical fitness testing, volleyball
    Winter: Badminton (8th grade), basketball, conditioning, ice skating, group indoor games
    Spring: Track and field, physical fitness testing, softball, walking fitness, kickball, pickleball

    Fitness Topics and Activities
    Fitness Defined, Self Assessment, Health Related Fitness Components, Skill Related Fitness ComponentsSmart Goal, Elements of Fitness, FITT principal, Dynamic/Static Movement, Isometric/Isotonic Exercises,  How to design a fitness plan, Making your fitness plan, Working toward your fitness goal, Assessing/reflecting on fitness goals, Successes/updating plan

    Health Topics
    What is Health, Safety, Interpersonal Relationships, Life Management, Human Body, Nutrition, Disease Prevention, Growth and Development, Substance Abuse