• What is the best way to contact Mrs. Camden?

    The best way to contact me is through email. I can quickly check email throughout the day and reply promptly. You are always welcome to call me, but please know that my phone is set to go to voicemail during the school day. Depending on after-school activities, I may not be able to reply to phone messages until the following day. I will always try to reply as soon as possible, but please allow a 24 hour response time for all emails and/or phone messages. If you have an urgent message that cannot wait, please contact the front office. 

    What can I expect in 7th Grade ELA?

    In seventh grade, we continue the reading and writing workshop model. Students will engage with literacy in ways that promote critical thinking. Students will spend time reading independently in small group book clubs and will read a whole class novel. Students are expected to read two books a month and must always have a novel with them. 

    What can I expect in Mrs. Camden's ELA class?

    You can expect to read and write often. I have high expectations for all my students and will push you to try your best. I realize that ELA is not everyone's favorite subject, but I still expect everyone to try while in my classroom. I expect kindness from everyone in my classroom-no exceptions. Middle school is already hard enough, so if we can all agree to be kind to everyone who enters the classroom, we can make it a little easier for everyone. 

    Are phones allowed in Mrs. Camden's Class?

    We will follow the schoolwide expectation that phones should be in student lockers. If you need to get ahold of your child during the school day, please call the office and they will be happy to deliver a message for you. 

    What do I need to bring to Mrs. Camden's Class?

    You will need a composition notebook right away. This notebook, referred to as a "Thinkbook" (it's where we keep our thinking), will stay in class so it is always available to use. We will not tear any pages out of our thinkbooks, so you will need to bring some loose-leaf paper to class each day. Always bring a positive attitude, something to write with, and a novel that you are interested in reading. 

    Will I have homework?

    Yes! The only way to improve your skills with reading, writing, and speaking is to practice those skills. You will not be given hours of homework, but you will have skills to continue practicing outside of class. 

    What should I do if I'm absent?

    I make a Google Slide each day with the learning goal, daily activities, and homework. You can find that slideshow here. You can check that from home to stay caught up. When you return to class, talk to a classmate before class begins so they can explain what you missed. This helps me get class started. I am happy to explain in detail what you missed during our workshop time. If you need additional help, I am happy to stay after school. Please talk to me ahead of time so I can make arrangements to stay.