• What is the best way to contact Mr. Vorel?

    The best way to contact me is through email. I check email frequently throughout the school day and can respond during my personal plan/team or lunch time. Please allow a 24 hour response time for all emails and/or phone messages. If you have a message that cannot wait, please call the front office. 

    What can I expect in 8th Grade science?

    In eighth grade, students will be diving into chemistry, physics, and energy units within Physical Science. My class provides a hands-on, experiential based approach to science. Students will complete many projects throughout the year to develop and showcase their skills and knowledge while collaborating with peers. Our investigations involve class discussion, as well as lab work to solve problems.

    What homework can I expect from Mr. Vorel's class?

    I do not assign homework very often. Homework is only expected to be completed when student's have not finished their in class work. I always give ample time to finish in class work, but if that time is not used wisely then there will be work to be done at home.

    What do I need to bring to Mr. Vorel's class?

    All students need a science notebook and folder. You should also bring something to write with, and any papers or packets that we have been working on or may need to be turned in.

    What should I do if I'm absent?

    If you are absent, please send me an email and come check in with me before/after school, or durring lunch. Many days we will be completing a lab or activity in class. If you are absent on one of these days, you will need to make a plan to come in before/after school, or durring lunch to make up the lab.