NWEA Benchmark Information

  • Below you will find all instructions, video tutorials, and troubleshooting tips.  If at any point you have, questions please email me and I will do what I can to assist you with the process as well as with troubleshooting. Please note: When you have completed a training or the benchmark, you will need to use the keyboard short cut to exit out of the app - Shift + Alt + K

    Quick Reminder: For the NWEA Benchmark Assessment teachers will need to create their two test sessions (ELA and Math). 

    NWEA Website:
    Username: lastname.firstname@wgmail.org
    Password: something you created (if you did not create one click on forgot password and enter your email address and a temporary password will be sent to you)

    If you encounter an issue with any of the links please try to copy and paste them into your web browser

    Step-by-step Instructions for setting up the benchmark:

    Please click the link below for step-by-step instructions:

    If you come across an error in the system, missing a student or a student that needs to be removed, please let me know.   

    Video tutorial for setting up test sessions:


    (for better quality, download the video)

    Proctor Tools Videos:


    Launching Your Test Sessions:


    Manual Instructions – Start on page 2 (I am adding this resource as a link as well)




    Training Video - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ci8isn3OQ1GvVfSymXzSR563aqs6t1Xx/view?usp=sharing


    NWEA Tips and Troubleshooting


    When you have completed a training or the benchmark, you will need to use a NEW keyboard short cut to exit out of the app.  This is only specific to Chromebooks - Shift + Alt + K 

    Reminders: Please have a conversation with your staff and then with your students about the process for benchmarking and that during this stage students are going to encounter problems that they are able to answer and questions that they are unable or do not know how to answer.  Our NWEA representative has emphasized that during the benchmark students will encounter problems that they do not know how to answer, maybe up to 50% of the questions.  This will then populate out the level for each individual student and project their desired needs.  Teachers should explain this to their students so that they are not stressing over the test and trying to be meticulous with their answers. This should also cut down in the length of time students are testing as well.


    Question 1: When to pause and when to suspend? 

    -          Pause a test when you know you will be back to test within 30 minutes (bathroom breaks, brain breaks, movement breaks, most nurse breaks).  If you have paused a test and are away for more than 30 minutes the program will suspend the assessments.

    -          Suspend a test if you are going to be away from the computers for 30 minutes or more (going to specials, lunch and recess, ending for the day to resume tomorrow).

    Question 2:  How do I resume a suspended test?

    -          To resume a suspended test you will need to first select the students who are showing as suspended and then under the drop down menu titled “Select Actions,” choose TEST AGAIN.  This will start the student where they left off prior to being suspended for the assessment.

    Question 3: One of my students got locked out of the test and when I have them go back in, their name no longer appears in the drop down list, what should I do?

    -          On the teacher machine you should first check to see the status of the student who cannot find their name within the system.  Most likely, this student will appear on your teacher machine as confirmed.  What you need to do is select the checkbox next to the student name and under the drop down menu titled “Select Actions,” choose DO NOT CONFIRM.  This will remove the student from the session but it will not remove any of the responses the student has already submitted.  The student will then need to log out of the computer (Chromebook is Shift- Alt - K) and then relaunch the MAP Testing Application.  The student will then need to retype the session name and password and their name should then appear within the drop down list.  They will choose their name and the teacher will need to confirm them back into testing. 


    Question 4:  How do I get out of this App?

    -          This is only specific to Chromebooks – Shift – Alt - K

    Benchmark Setup Instructions:

    Step 1:  Login to the MARC Website


    Your username should be your wgmail email account

    •     Password is something that you created.  I am unable to retrieve your password.  If you have forgotten your password, please click the Forgot Username or Password link and complete the steps provided.  A temporary password should then be emailed to your wgmail account.  If you are a new user and you have not logged in before click on Forgot Password and go through the steps to setup your password.

    Step 2: Click on Manage Test Sessions

    •     After clicking on Manage Test Sessions you will need to Find Students to Test.  Click the Find Students to Test Button.  This will open up a page titled Set Up Testing.
    •     Find Students to test – You will need to click within all of the drop downs to Find your students to test.

    o   Select your school

    o   Select the grade

    o   Select the instructor

    o   Select the class – you will see your Home Room sections and Steger Math and ELA teachers should see their course sections

    o   Once you made your selection click Search. This should open a new window showing the students within your class.

    o   Click Add Students

    Step 3:  Assign the Assessment

    •     Please look through your generated class list making sure that all of your students are there.  If you are missing a student or need a student removed from your class, please contact me so that I can make the corrections.
    •     At the top of your class list you should see the header for each row.  In the top left column, you will see a checkbox, click on the box and it will select all of your students.
    •     Now we are going to Assign the Test.  Click the button Assign Test and a new window will open for you to select the test name.  When creating your assessments, you can only create 1 assessment at a time.  After you create your 1st test for either ELA or MATH you will then need to redo all of the steps above to then create your 2nd test session.



    Grades k-2:

    Growth: Math k-2 MO 2016 (MO Learning Standards Mathematics: 2016)

    Growth: Reading k-2 MO 2016 (MO Learning Standards English Language Arts: 2016)


    Grades 3-5:

    Growth: Math 2-5 MO 2016 (MO Learning Standards Mathematics: 2016)

    Growth: Reading 2-5 MO 2016 (MO Learning Standards English Language Arts: 2016)


    Grades 6-8

    Growth: Math 6+ MO 2016 (MO Learning Standards Mathematics: 2016)

    Growth: Reading 6+ MO 2016 (MO Learning Standards English Language Arts: 2016)


    Step 4:  Save Test Session

    •     At the bottom of the page you will need to click the Save Session button.
    •     A new window will open for Saving the Test Session.  For each benchmark assessment please name them as follows (f,w,and/or s)(lastname)(grade)(subject)
    •        Example – fbrown4ela /fbrown4math
    •        Example – wbrown4ela / wbrown4math
    •        Example – sbrown4ela / sbrown4math

    o               Do not use capitals or spaces

    •     Click Save and Exit

    Step 5:  Redo steps 1-4 to create your second test session