Collaborate with Us!

  • Our belief in shared learning drives the way in which all adults (stakeholders, staff and families) work together in support of our children. We are committed to productive conversations, communication and experiences that put children and their learning first. Further, we are committed to fostering relationships between and among our families by providing opportunities that blend school with home through experiences that reflect and honor the values and cultures unique to each family. In all these efforts, our work is towards authentically sharing together with a sense of wellbeing for all.

    Throughout the year we will have planned events for our families that celebrate children- what they can teach us and how they learn. We will give you advance notice of each event via classroom and program calendars, emails, through postings on our website, as well as sharing the information on our social media outlets. Please note that some events are designed for families (parents/guardians and children) and others for parents/guardians and staff to listen and learn from one another.

    Families are also encouraged to get involved through volunteer work at the center, the PTO and the Community Advisory Board.