Volunteer Information

  • We know that our Ambrose families are great resources! If you have a special skill or talent that you would like to share with us (such as playing an instrument, a special collection, job experience, hobby, etc.), please talk with your child's teachers to make arrangements. Individual classes will offer experiences such as class learning celebrations and walking field trips. Please also feel free to talk with your child's teachers about how you can contribute to either your child's classroom or other area of the building (we always have weeds on the playscape!). There are also district and building committees where parents/guardians can volunteer their time to benefit their child and the community. Thank you for your support and time!

    We also encourage members of our community to volunteer their time and/or expertise at our preschool. We have benefited from many volunteers participating in our program including partnerships through Webster University, Saint Louis University, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Webster Groves High School service programs and other area high school, university and community programs. We also provide learning opportunities through school study groups and placements for university practicum students. For more information regarding volunteer opportunities for community members, please contact Angie Spatola at 314-963-6440 or by email.

    Please note that per district policy, all volunteers must submit the below volunteer form before their first day of volunteering and sign in using the Raptor sign-in system in the Ambrose Family Center main office by providing a photo I.D.. to scan when they come in to volunteer. This is for the safety of the children and the staff. If you need any assistance filling out this form, please contact us at 314-963-6440 or by email. Additional information regarding the district sign-in and volunteer policies can be found below.

Information