• My expectation is that students spend approximately thirty minutes reading each night. I hope to build stamina throughout the year so that your child can read 30 minutes without interruption. Occasionally, you will see small assessments and homework assignments as well. Spelling homework will also be a part of your child’s daily routine in that we expect your child to be practicing their spelling words.

    Assignments and assessments will be sent home without a grade on it. Often, it is more valuable to discuss an assignment and correct it in class than it is for me to assess it away from the students. This permits me to determine, in the moment, if students need additional instruction, and it permits them to ask questions while they still remember the work. I will have added comments, but these comments are usually addressed with the student, and we talk out the issues. End of Unit Assessments will be reviewed through conferencing in class as well as sent home in order for your child to explain and reflect on their learrning. 

    Each afternoon before dismissal, I will post homework on the board, initial student’s assignment notebook, and make sure they have all of the necessary papers in their homework folder.Documents and links used throughout the year can be found at our Google Classroom homepage, which you can navigate to via the link below.