Makerspace I

  • Makerspace I: Design Thinking, Design Lab, & Fabrication Lab

    Instructor: Mindy Siefert

    Credit:  1/2 Elective Unit
    Prerequisite: None
    Open to Grade 9-12

    This course is based on design thinking and will provide students with a creative outlet to learn sound habits of creating, designing, tinkering and building in the Makerspace. Students will become proficient in the design process and developing solutions to challenges. Students will work in teams and practice effective communication skills to overcome difficulties. Pragmatic skills will serve as the foundation of learning objectives and as a means of creating and finishing collaborative projects. Students will learn to use Makerspace tools including 3D printers, drone flight, CNC router, sewing machines, video creation and editing, laser cutter, and traditional hand tools, among others.