Math 8 Units

  • All 8th grade math students will study the following topics: Number Sense, Equations, Slope, Functions, Exponents, Pythagoras, Volume, Transformations, Systems of Equations, and Data Unit. All students will be taking Formatives based on learning targets from each unit and a Summative at the end. The homework will be worksheet basd on that learning target and unit. Students will learning how to study for each Formative and Summative by creating study guides using their notes and/or homework.

    8th grade First Unit: hours 1st, 3rd and 4th:

    Transformations Unit:

    Learing target 1: translate shapes on a coordinate grid using translation rules.

    Learning target 2: reflect shapes on a coordinate grid using the x and y axis.

    Learning target 3: rotation shapes on a coordinate grid

    Learning target 4: dilate shapes on a coordinate grid.

    4- Homework assignments

    4- Formatives

    1- Summative