Biology A

  • Freshman Biology is a deeper introduction into more emphasis cellular level and function of living organisms. We discuss real life scenarios, like cancers, Type 1 Diabetes, and human impact on the ecosystem.

    Homework Policy:

    In general, I do not give homework to my students. With the prevalence of technology, the temptation of Googling answers or sharing answers is very strong. I would rather be the go-to person in class for my students to ask questions, so that I can lead them to discover the answer.
          -The times I give homework, it may be to submit a reflection or response to a documentary we watched.
          -Students who do not finish classwork before class ends may have homework. However, I will adjust my time frames of due dates; in other words, if I see 50% of students on task and still working on the classwork, I will give them time in class to finish tomorrow.  Sometimes it is important to remember it may take me 10 minutes to create an answer key, but this information may be new to my students. 


    All notes will be on Google Classroom, and will be availble the day before the new unit will start. Students need to come to class with one of the following: hand written copies of the notes, a printed out copy of the notes, or an electronic copy downloaded and placed in a 'Biology' folder and accessible in class.
         -If a guardian would wish to be invite into the Google Classroom for their student, please e-mail me at

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