Team Expectations

  • Hallway Expectations

    • Must be in classroom when the bell rings
    • Cannot enter 1st hour class without a red office pass after 8:35, office will track 1st hour tardies.
    • 2nd through 7th Hour Tardy Policy
      • 1st tardy: warning
      • 2nd tardy: call home and warning about 3rd tardy
      • 3rd tardy: detention with teacher
      • 4th tardy and beyond: referral to the office and a consequence from administration


    • Once you have your materials, make your way to your class
    • If you can’t remember your locker combo, go find a teacher on your team
    • Leave backpacks in lockers, but you may bring a small cinch sac to class
    • Leave large coats in lockers


    • Students are expected to use the restroom during passing periods.
    • Bathroom visits during class are at the discretion of the teacher.
      • Must sign out via classroom sign out sheet
    • Use the bathrooms and water fountains in the 7th grade hallway closest to Team Yellow classrooms. 

    Classroom Expectations
    Classroom supplies

    • For every class, please bring:
      • Writing utensil
      • Notebook/binder
      • Independent reading book
      • Earbuds
    • Repeatedly arriving to class unprepared could result in teacher given consequences.
    • Visiting the Counselor
      • Submit request form via link on Hixson website
      • Counselor will call you down to their office when they are available
    • Visiting the nurse
      • A pass from the teacher is required

    Electronic Devices

    • Use only your teacher assigned chromebook.
    • Carry your computer with two hands. Do NOT grab or carry your Chromebook by the display screen.
    • At the end of the hour, return your computer to the assigned charger/area.


    • Should be silent and out of view in classrooms.
    • Use in class will be by teacher direction only.
    • Each incidence of improper use will result in the phone being taken by the teacher and turned into the office
      • First Offense -Verbal Warning.  Student picks phone up at end of the day from office. Teacher contacts parent.
      • Second Offense - Principal calls home, student picks phone up at the end of the day from the office and student receives after school detention.
      • Third Offense - Principal calls home, parent must pick up phone from the office, student receives after school detention.


    • Bus and bike riders will be dismissed at 3:15 by administrator announcement. All bus and bike riders must have a pass to leave at the first dismissal.
    • Walkers and car riders will be dismissed at 3:20 by a second administrator announcement.


    • Check Team Yellow website for work missed for the day.
    • If a student is absent for multiple days, contact core teachers for make up work

    Homework expectations

    • Homework assignments can be found on the Team Yellow website
    • Subjects:
      • Social studies: due as assigned
      • ELA: reading 30 minutes each night
      • Science: complete as assigned

    Please allow Yellow Team teachers a 24 hour window to return phone calls or emails.