• Tech I
    Mr. Rachal

    1. Intro to technology
      1. Technology test
        1. Create a checklist of skills students could have and need for technology usage / basic tech knowledge
        2. Students work on ‘quest’ to improve tech skills
      1. Trouble shooting / problem solving
        1. Hardware basics
          1. Hardware and software terms / have pictures and have students find them on the computer.
      2. Basics of Chrome
        2. Extensions
        3. Tabs to always have
      3. Basics of extensions and useful education tech
    1. Troubleshooting and problem solving
      1. Scenarios of issues that may come up with computers
      2. Hooking up other devices to computers
    2. 3d printing and Virtual Reality, Raspberry PI, Circuits LED’s,
      1. 3d printing
        1. Shoe design
        2. Other ways for 3d printing to be used in the “real world”
      2. Raspberry Pi
      1. Circuits LED’s
        1. Cardboard challenge
      1. Virtual Reality
        1. Use VR
        2. Create VR of Hixson or surrounding area
    1. Coding, app  & web design
      1. Creating app about their own screen time.
    2. Google Suite & other suites (email, drive, office suite)
    3. Computer hardware basics
    4. Digital art,video, editing and design
      1. Creating informational brochures, posters, commercials to help students understand technology, coding, and the careers that need tech training.
    5. Intro to Drones
      1. Learn how to fly a drone
      2. Using drones to understand geography