Purple Expectations

  • Purple Team Expectations and Procedures (2019-2020)

    Mr. Gasparovic ELA and Social Studies (Rm 101) gasparovic.dane@wgmail.org 314-918-4656

    Mr. Geringer Science (Rm 103)geringer.matt@wgmail.org 314-918-4573

    Mr. Hayes Science (Rm 105) hayes.eric@wgmail.org 314-918-4575

    Ms. Maria Pangelinan (Rm 218A) pangelinan.maria@wgmail.org 314-963-6450 Ext. 14802

    Dr. Rachal Social Studies (Rm 104) rachal.sherri@wgmail.org 314-918-4574

    Mrs. Wells ELA (Rm 100) wells.sheri@wgmail.org 314-918-4570

    Please allow team Purple Team teachers a 24-hour window to return phone calls or emails. 

    HOMEWORK LINK: https://www.webster.k12.mo.us/Page/6290

    Hallway Expectations

    • Tardies 
      • Must be in classroom when the tardy bell rings
      • Enter 1st hour class without a red office pass after 8:35 and you will be marked tardy. 
      • 1st through 7th Hour Tardy Policy
        • 1st tardy: warning
        • 2nd tardy: call home and warning about 3rd tardy
        • 3rd tardy: detention with teacher
        • 4th tardy and consecutive*: referral to the office and a consequence from administration

    *Any further tardies that semester results in an administrative consequence. Tardies reset at semester.

    • Lockers
      • Once you have your materials, make your way to class
      • Carry two classes worth of supplies in the morning to avoid tardiness
      • Teachers on team can help with locker combo
      • Leave backpacks in lockers, but you may bring a small cinch sac to class
      • Leave large coats in lockers
    • Bathroom
      • Students are expected to use the restroom during passing periods.
      • Bathroom visits during class are at the discretion of the teacher. (see leaving class below)

    Classroom Expectations

    • Classroom supplies
      • For every class, please bring:
        • Writing utensil
        • Notebook/binder
        • Independent reading book
        • Earbuds
      • Repeatedly arriving to class unprepared will result in teacher given consequences.
    • Leaving the classroom
      • Always ask the teacher before leaving
      • Must sign out/sign in on clipboard by the door when you leave
      • Use the bathrooms and water fountains in the 8th-grade hallway closest to Team Purple classrooms.

    Electronic Devices

      • Chromebooks
        • Use only your teacher assigned chromebook.
        • Carry your computer with two hands. Do NOT grab or carry your Chromebook by the display screen.
        • At the end of the hour, return your computer to the assigned charger/area.
      • Phones
        • Should be silent and left in lockers. Phones are allowed only before the first bell (8:25am), at lunch and after the dismissal bell (3:15pm)for the day. 
        • Phones should NOT be out during passing time, restroom use, or in class

     Misuse will result in:

        •  First Offense - Cell phone taken away and locked in the office. The student picks the phone up at the end of the day and the office emails parents.
        • Second Offense - Cell phone taken away and locked in the office. The student picks up the phone at the end of the day. The office contacts the parents and an after school detention is assigned.
        • Third Offense - Cell phone taken away and locked in the office. The parent must pick up the phone at the end of the day. The office contacts parents and an after school detention is assigned.
        • Further Offenses - Consequence issued depending on situation:
          • After school detention
          • Time spent in Hixson Restorative Center
          • Loss of phone privileges on campus.
      • If you need to contact your child during the school day please call the main office at 314-963-6450. 


    • Bus and bike riders will be dismissed at 3:15 by administrative announcement. 
    • Walkers and car riders will be dismissed at 3:20 by a second administrative announcement. 


    • Check Team Purple website for work missed for the day.
    • If a student is absent for multiple days, contact core teachers for makeup work

    Homework expectations

    • Social studies- due as assigned
    • ELA- reading/writing 20-30 minutes each night, additional homework 2-3 times per week
    • Science- due as assigned