When to Keep Your Child At Home

  • Students and staff who exhibit the following signs and/or symptoms should be excluded until symptom-free or a licensed care provider submits a note of non-contagious status:

    1. Fever of 100 F or more during the school day, that persists or increases, or if the nurse's professional judgement warrants.
    2. Any student excused with a temperature of 100F or more must remain at home until the temperature is normal for 24 hours without fever reducing medication.
    3. Any undiagnosed rash accompanied by fever or weeping lesions.
    4. Any untreated or suspected cases of conjunctivitis (with discharge).
    5. Any cases of untreated Impetigo.
    6. Vomiting accompanied by fever and/or nausea
    7. Diarrhea - more than twice

When to Keep Your Child Home

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