WGHS Final Exams

  • A comprehensive examination will be given at the end of 1st and 2nd semesters in all classes. The test will be ninety minutes in length. A comprehensive exam is understood to sample learning from the entire semester. This test will count between 10% and 20% of the final course grade with the exact percentage to be determined by each department. Exams are an important part of the student’s grade and educational experience. Every effort should be made to be sure student is at school for exams and vacations and other commitments are avoided at this time.

    No exams will be given early. If a student must miss an exam, a parent must notify the appropriate assistant principal. The student will receive an Incomplete (I) and will need to make up the exam at the teacher’s convenience. For students who are athletes, a grade of Incomplete (I) may have a negative impact on their athletic eligibility.

    Students will not take finals in Academic Lab, student assistant periods, Peer Tutoring, or Study Hall. A 90-minute final exam will occur in all other classes. On the first day of finals, everyone is expected to be in attendance, as it is a special schedule. On the exam half-days, students should not be in the building if they do not have an exam or are not studying in Academic Lab; otherwise, they will be assigned to a supervised study hall. Activity buses are for athletes only. Everyone else should promptly exit the building. Students are also prohibited from going to Hixson.

    If your student elects to stay home during an Academic Lab exam, student assistant period, Peer Tutoring hour, or study hall, please contact your Assistant Principal’s office for attendance purposes.

    In the event of school closure during finals week due to inclement weather, the final exam(s) will be rescheduled for the first day back after winter break, with a final exam schedule (8:25 - 11:40 a.m.) for that day. Bus transportation and athletics will be modified accordingly, and lunch will not be served.