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  • The WG Thrive student incubator program provides a safe, innovative, and challenging environment that exposes students to real entrepreneurial opportunities with the support of industry and community leaders designed to:

    • discover passions in a real-world, experiential learning environment
    • develop a range of skills and strengths in the areas of:
      • critical and creative thinking
      • leadership
      • communication
      • curiosity
      • resilience and adaptability
      • perseverance
      • time management
      • growth mindset
      • confidence
      • accountability
      • ethics
    • foster a growth mindset
    • build confidence

    Program Location:

    WG Thrive student entrepreneurs learn and operate their businesses at an off-site office location within walking distance of the high school campus. Use of an off-site workspace is intentional, as it helps distinguish the program from that of a traditional class.  The WG Thrive incubator is located at 3232 Brentwood Blvd.