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  • The Business Incubator:

    The Catalyst Behind WG Thrive

    A business incubator is a facility that offers new businesses (also known as “startups”) shared operation space. In doing so, entrepreneurs enjoy a dynamic work environment that includes professional mentors, networking opportunities, opportunities for funding support, and shared equipment that offers fledgling young companies a place to launch, grow and prosper.

    While business incubators have been around for quite a while, the concept gained traction after an influx of educational institutions launched school-affiliated business incubators in order to offer students a more practical means of learning, as well as to transform them into better employment prospects throughout their careers. The effectiveness of these “student business incubators” has led to the creation of thousands of new, diverse incubators across the country and around the globe.

    The WG Thrive business incubator serves as the educational vehicle to help foster the development of invaluable soft skills and personal development among student entrepreneurs. WG Thrive provides students with an immersive, student learning opportunity where they can work with industry mentors, visit authentic worksites, and learn from one another as they work on real-world, authentic projects connected to their career interests and aspirations. This allows students to clarify their post-secondary career decisions and, optimally, ensure success in their chosen path.

    What makes WG Thrive unique?

    • are able to pursue a personal direction based on an understanding of their talents and interests while accessing a frequently iterated curriculum shaped by industry partners based on the latest industry trends.
    • are supported by a robust network of professional mentors and community partners.
    • learn and operate their businesses at an off-site workspaces during school hours for academic credit.
    • co-create their WG Thrive experiences based on their interests with feedback from peers and mentors.