November 13, 2018

  • November 13, 2018

    Valeri Topel - wants to provide yoga to students in WG

    JMT--Contact NAMI and have Wellness sponsor a parent education night on mental health (Jan or Feb)


    Food Survey take-aways

    • farm to table program
    • balance nutrition/healthy and food kids would enjoy eating
    • provide many options for vegan, vegetarian, milk allergy, gluten free, etc
    • Monies to provide food for events
    • Parent education/Promotion
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Reduction of sweets/sugar in menu items
    • Food & Nutrition
      • Food as a reward
      • Follow up on ala carte and lunch menus
      • Impact dyes and sugars have on students

    Having a body ready to learn

    3 Action steps for our next meeting

    • Gather data that has already been collected in district - student, staff, parent surveys on mental and physical health and equity. Should we collect more data - HECAT to evaluate Wellness program in district?
    • Mental health, social media use, and healthy relationships are priorities.  Invite others to our meeting to help with input - nurse, counselors, social workers, people who are interested in mental health and healthy relationships.
    • Do a better job of regularly communicating work that is already in progress in schools - restorative practices, training for staff in mental health
    • Exercise and Movement
      • Make sure whoever provides the yoga is certified
      • Physical v. religious
      • Self care for staff
        • Open Gym/track
        • Barre exercise
        • Pinot Pallet like activity
        • Team building activities
        • Service Project--Operation Gratitude (students and staff)
          1. Veterans
          2. First Responders
        • Hixson--Self care Mondays
      • Yoga


    • Healthy Relationships
      • What does a healthy teen relationship look like?
      • Consent
      • Juvenile Conference Committee through St. Louis County Courts
      • Restorative Practices
      • sexual health
      • Peer relationships
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Possible Action Step:  Advertise all that schools are doing to promote healthy relationships among students
    • Mental Health
      • Typical (healthy) vs. Atypical (unhealthy)
      • Anxiety
      • Depression
      • Alcohol, Drug & Nicotine (vaping) prevention
      • Sleep
    • Device Usage
      • relationships
      • mental health
      • sleep
      • Impact on

    Consider developing/administering a needs assessment/climate survey to identify areas of need

    Addressing healthy relationships and mental health - get more people to join the committee if they have an interest