November 13, 2018

  • November 13, 2018

    Members Present

    Betsy Moppert

    John M Thomas

    Nancy Pelant

    Bruce Ellerman

    Linda Krygiel

    Jo Doll

    Dawn Meyer

    Shannon Carr

    Jessica Griffin

    Meghan Haines

    Anna Garwood

    David Franklin

    Tess Thompson

    Molly Plates

    Fernando Gonzalez

    Neshama Roash

    Andrea Aughinbaugh

    • Valeri Topel - wants to provide yoga to students in WG
    • JMT--Contact NAMI and have Wellness sponsor a parent education night on mental health (Jan or Feb)


    Food Survey take-aways

    • farm to table program
    • balance nutrition/healthy and food kids would enjoy eating
    • provide many options for vegan, vegetarian, milk allergy, gluten free, etc
    • Monies to provide food for events
    • Parent education/Promotion
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Reduction of sweets/sugar in menu items
    • Food & Nutrition
      • Food as a reward
      • Follow up on ala carte and lunch menus
      • Impact dyes and sugars have on students

    Having a body ready to learn

    3 Action steps for our next meeting

    • Gather data that has already been collected in district - student, staff, parent surveys on mental and physical health and equity. Should we collect more data - HECAT to evaluate Wellness program in district?
    • Mental health, social media use, and healthy relationships are priorities.  Invite others to our meeting to help with input - nurse, counselors, social workers, people who are interested in mental health and healthy relationships.
    • Do a better job of regularly communicating work that is already in progress in schools - restorative practices, training for staff in mental health
    • Exercise and Movement
      • Yoga
        • Make sure whoever provides the yoga is certified
        • Physical v. religious
        • Self care for staff
          • Hixson--Self care Mondays
            • Open Gym/track
            • Barre exercise
            • Pinot Pallet like activity
            • Team building activities
            • Service Project--Operation Gratitude (students and staff)
                1. Veterans
                2. First Responders


    • Healthy Relationships
      • sexual health
        • What does a healthy teen relationship look like?
        • Consent
      • Peer relationships
      • Conflict Resolution
        • Juvenile Conference Committee through St. Louis County Courts
        • Restorative Practices
      • Possible Action Step:  Advertise all that schools are doing to promote healthy relationships among students
    • Mental Health
      • Anxiety
        • Typical (healthy) vs. Atypical (unhealthy)
      • Depression
      • Alcohol, Drug & Nicotine (vaping) prevention
      • Sleep
    • Device Usage
      • Impact on
        • relationships
        • mental health
        • sleep

    Consider developing/administering a needs assessment/climate survey to identify areas of need

    Addressing healthy relationships and mental health - get more people to join the committee if they have an interest