October 9, 2018

  • October 9, 2018

    Survey Results

    Spreadsheet form

    What do we notice…

    • 532 respondents to the school lunch/food services survey
    • 75% of respondents are willing to pay more for lunch and ½ of those are willing to pay up to $3.50
    • 80% of people who buy lunch do it seldom or often but not everyday
    • 70% of the people who buy lunch buy it because it saves time and 60% are because the child likes the choices
    • 48% of people who don’t buy lunch is because their child does not want to and 35% are because of how much time it takes in line
    • Overall satisfaction at all levels was a 3 out of 5.  In general people are not really highly satisfied or highly unsatisfied with the lunch program
    • Get rid of fun lunch
    • Desire to have something easy due to length of time in line
    • Larger portion sizes
    • Sometimes options are not available when their child gets in line
    • Offer more kid friendly options
      • Look into what are kid friendly
    • Waste
    • Confusion on how to get through line and price
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Some wonder why we are having more vegetarian/vegan options
    • Several mentions of don’t serve fried food---need to get more info out about how food is prepared
    • Many comments result from lack of knowledge of what is offered and how prepared
      • Need to market/promote program better
    • ala carte options mentioned both good and bad
    • Versions of healthy on both yes and no sides
    • Tastier food
    • Cut sugary milk options (chocolate/strawberry)

    Consider having a food tasting/food service promotion night for parents

    • Pair with open house/PTO nights/parent conference nights

    Considerations for food services bid:

    • Monies to provide food for events
    • Parent education/Promotion

    Subcommittee Work

    • Student Wellness
      • Goals for 18-19 to support mission
        • All subgroup will Lobbying district/schools to incorporate/promote wellness
          • Consider:
            • One subcommittee--continue to look into food service
            • Another subcommittee--look at other aspects of wellness

    Having a body ready to learn

        • Food & Nutrition
          • Food as a reward
          • Follow up on ala carte and lunch menus
          • Impact dyes and sugars have on students
        • Exercise and Movement
          • Devise Usage
        • Healthy Relationships
          • sexual health
          • Peer relationships
          • Conflict Resolution
        • Mental Health
          • Anxiety
          • Alcohol, Drug & Nicotine prevention
          • Sleep

    JMT--Contact NAMI and have Wellness sponsor a parent education night on mental health
    Reach out to Zen City
    See if Bruce E. can attend next meeting to speak to food services bid process and listen to input from group

    For next meeting:
    Food group--review survey data and formulate asks for food services proposal
    Other group--come with ideas of focus topics for group to work on

    Next Meeting:  November 13th @ 6:00/WGSD Service Center