August 28, 2018

  • August 28, 2018

    Mission Statement - Shape wellness policies and practices, remove health barriers in the educational setting, and empower all students, staff, and families to develop lifelong
    healthy habits (healthy lifestyles).

    New Website

    • Any suggestions for improvement?
      • Typo on director of student services
      • Link to the nurses health site when it is up

    Survey about School Lunch Program

    • Recommendation for date to distribute to families - can’t be in September anymore due to district survey coming out in September
      • October 1?
      • October timing of the survey should not be a problem with regard to the food services bid process
    • Hard Copy version
    • Consider adding prompt to gain information on elementary, middle, and high school level specifically
      • Add satisfaction question at the end

    Changes in lunch menus and offerings at Elementary and Middle & HS school levels (Nancy)

    • Nurtislice link on main website
      • Add ala carte options and price list on the district website for Steger, Hixson, and WGHS
    • Added a lot more vegetarian options
    • Vegan options 3-4 days a month; Sept. 27 (pasta primavera), Sept. 21 (baja bean tacos), Sept. 18 (penne with roasted veg. sauce), Sept. 10 (bean and veg taco salad - can get it with no cheese)
    • Garden burger is always available on burger days and is now SLP certified and is menued at Steger, HX, and HS
    • Slushy gone at Steger, using up last of it at Hixson
    • Ice Cream is gone at Steger
    • New options for Steger Ala Carte when it opens
      • String cheese
      • Yogurt
      • Fresh fruit
      • Organic Cheddar Bunnies
      • Organic Annie Grams
      • Nutri Grain bars
      • Popcorn
      • Baked chips
    • Did get rid of styrofoam plates and have changed over to paper boats
      • Styrofoam cups gone too from Steger and Hixson
    • Snippets in school newsletters each week about lunch program
      • List of local providers
      • How to make online payments
      • Prices for meal
      • Info on how parents can restrict the purchase of ala carte options or to only purchase either breakfast or lunch
    • For summer school 2019 look at how to limit/restrict food purchases during summer session

    Committees for 18/19

    • Student Wellness
      • Goals for 18-19 to support mission
        • Lobbying district/schools to incorporate/promote wellness
          • Movement
          • Food as a reward
          • Having a body ready to learn
          • Sleep
          • Conflict Resolution
        • Food & Nutrition
          • Food as a reward
          • Follow up on ala carte and lunch menus
          • Impact dyes and sugars have on students
        • Exercise and Movement
        • Healthy Relationships
          • sexual health
          • Peer relationships
        • Mental Health
          • Anxiety
        • Alcohol, Drug & Nicotine prevention
        • Devise Usage 
    • Since a lot of this has curricular impacts share information with Dr. Denbow and invite to a future wellness meeting prior to the health/PE curriculum review
    • Family Wellness
      • Goal for 18-19 to support mission
      • Communications
      • Can be incorporated within Student Wellness
    • Sustainability
      • Goals for 18-10 to support mission
      • Communications
      • Can be incorporated within Student Wellness

    Question:  Will district send out info on all committees and seek volunteers to serve?

     How and when will committees run this year?

    • Committee work for first 45 min of each meeting?  Last 45 is for whole group discussion and share out?
    • Committee work is before each meeting for 30-45 min and then we all meet for 1.5 hours?
    • Committee work is on separate days other than whole group days?

    Committee will meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month for the 18/19 school year.  Betsy will put on the district calendar.