May 10, 2018

  • May 10, 2018

    Updates from Nancy

    • Veggie Burger on the menu every Wednesday in May
      • May 2 only sold 3 at Edgar Road
        • 621 kids participated in the lunch program on 5.2.18
      • May 9 sold 10 (1 Avery, 1 Bristol, 4 Edgar, 1 Steger, 3 Hudson)
        • 716 kids participated in the lunch program on 5.9.18
      • Special request in for fall- veggie patty that meets SLP guidelines
      • Veggie burger only, will further investigate the black bean for availability
      • Current veggie burger menu does not meet the SLP guidelines
        • May not meet the meat alternative for the state
        • At this time not allergy compliant
      • Veggie Burger not on HS or MS menus yet
      • Will work on how to advertise veggie burgers 7-12 to avoid waste
    • Vegetarian meal options in May
      • Toasted Triple Cheese
      • Sun butter and Jelly Sandwich
      • Fish Nuggets
      • Cheese Pizza
      • Veggie Crackers and Sun butter
      • Bean and Vegetarian Taco Salad
      • Pizza Bagel Fun Lunch
      • Cheese Quesadilla w/ Salsa
    • Ala Carte items at Steger
      • $3,000 a month extra in sales
      • We can look to tweak the options, but don’t want to take away all together
      • Fruit Ice can be removed easily
      • Can look at ala carte items in the fall--for new items can take Cisco 30-60 days to review for approval
      • Parents can view in the SIS Parent Portal what their children are purchasing
    • Steger/HX/WGHS--consider not having some ala carte options available at the start of the school year so kids don’t get used to having them
    • At elementary provide periodic reminders to kids about salad bar options and how much they can get with their meal
      • Kids can purchase items from the salad bar separate from the regular meal
        • Develop way to advertise this
      • Chartwells can give a presentation to school staff about lunch options available to students
      • When placing lunch orders in the morning students can inform their teacher about special requests (ex. No cheese on burrito)


    • Take the 10 question survey (parent survey)
    • Does this survey give us results we can use?
      • “Yes, my child participates”--indicate mark all that apply
      • How often...remove never as choice
      • Does the cost of school lunch...reword prompt
        • ask for both yes/no groups
        • Is the cost of the school lunch program?
          • Too high
          • Just right
          • Too low
      • What is most important….change nutrition to nutritious
        • Add convenience and child preference as an option
      • Adjust price options..What is the most you would be willing to pay
        • 3.00
        • 3.25
        • 3.50
      • Name up to 3 options….change to read “What would increase the likelihood of purchasing lunch” and eliminate examples
      • Please provide any additional feedback you would like to share about the food services program
    • Is it ready to go?
      • No make changes
    • Do you want to do the same survey for students or create a different one?
      • Different one
      • Good to get feedback from middle and high school students
        • Consider late fall/early winter rollout of 7-12 student survey

    In Fall look at options we can suggest to be used with any possible profit that may be made from food services program.
    Consider creating a parent guide of how to utilize the school lunch program

    Committees for 18/19

      • Student wellness
      • Family wellness
        • Communications


    Next meeting: Wednesday June 6
    Discuss ala carte items at Hixson and HS to make recommendations


    • Consider creating an overall wellness survey for 18/19
    • Overall nutrition guidelines for food outside of the food services program
      • Vending Machines
      • Parties
      • Celebrations
    • Create an overall wellness plan
    • Try to match board liaisons schedule so they can make meetings
    • Meet once a month
    • Dr. Denbow will facilitate a committee which will look at health curriculum
      • Betsy will notify group next year when the group is forming