April 4, 2018

  • Wednesday April 4

    Updates from Chartwells
    As a district we have about 15% of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch, so we do not qualify for many government programs.  
    We can’t view Sysco’s food options as it would be a breach of contract. They won’t give public access to it. Chartwells has a strict shopping list that meets the criteria (USDA guidelines) for food they can order from Sysco.

    Farm to School - produce we do get when in season and available

    • Can we look at seasoning alternatives; sea salt, hot sauce, other condiments etc.
      • it is already used in the cooking process and if we would offer extra we would go over the guidelines

     Changes we would like to see now (1 month)

     Nancy Powerpoint

    • Take highest sugar item from menu and remove it
      • Apple Parfait was removed from menu K-6
    • Can we impose a sugar cap for our district?
      • No, because there are no guidelines to follow
        • Can the committee develop sugar guidelines for the district to use?
      • We are not using sugar as an additive
    • Can we change the name of the fun lunch?
      • No name change yet, coming next year
      • Some of the options were changed
    • All 3 options to be healthy
      • Some of the options were changed
    • 3 colors available on the salad bar
      • Check on it, we feel that it has gotten better and are three colors
    • Washing hands/sanitizing hands before lunch
      • Discuss at building or with teacher

    Changes we would like to see soon (1-3 months)

    • Vegetarian options
      • Increase more option in the last month
    • Survey the families in the district x 3
    • Pork no more than 1 time a week
      • We only menu ham and pepperoni a couple times a month at the elementary level
    • 1 healthy vegan option per day
      • 1 of the three choices each day is a vegetarian choice, not necessarily a vegan option.  We can work with a student to make it vegan if we know ahead of time
    • Nutritional profiles of different meals that we serve
      • Nutrislice website has this information
      • You can download the APP as well
      • We will work with Cathy V. at CO to make it more visible and advertise it more
        • Can WGSD develop guidelines that are stricter than the smart food guidelines?
        • What is the breakdown of participation rate at each particular school?
    • Can we look at calorie count in total for each lunch
      • On Nutrislice website
    • Shift focus to whole foods/nutritional value of food

     Changes we would like to see later (next year)

    • Gardens at all 6 schools
      • Chartwell supports it and we will explore it more
      • Need to talk with buildings to get a garden created
    • Grants to apply for
      • Continue to explore opportunities, but many grants we don’t qualify for based on our student population
    • Education for students about healthy eating
    • Restrictions on food accounts might be a possibility
      • Explore the possibility with our system, easier to address at the middle and high school levels
    • More fruit and vegetable options
    • Emphasis on legumes
      • We menu them twice a month and have very low participation
    • Food education in classes

    More Updates

    March 28 - Whole grain sampling day - went well in all the schools

      • Looking to possibly menu more

    Veggie burger would be great to have

    • Ala Carte item from Sysco, we have those items from Sysco
    • Can possibly make it “home made” but is the labor greater than the participation?

    Meatless Mondays - can we try?

    • Might not be a Monday, but are trying this a couple times a month

    Vaping/Juuling NCADA event - April 5 @ HIxson at 7:00pm

    Survey ideas for the fall

    • Get into small groups and create survey questions to turn in
      • Consider having students complete surveys in addition to parents
    • Questions will be compiled and a draft survey will be ready for our May meeting to look over
      • Goal of the survey is to garner information that may help provide guidance/suggestions for the food services bid next year.

    Possible Subgroups under this committee to start setting up for the Fall

      • Staff wellness
      • Student wellness
      • Family wellness
      • Communications

    Next meeting - May 10 6:00pm @ WGSD Service Center