February 27, 2018

  • February 27

    Chartwells - Nancy Schubert-Pelant

      • What can we change and what can’t we change?  What can we change now for the remaining contract?
      • Can we look at seasoning alternatives; sea salt, hot sauce, other condiments etc.
      • Lunch prices
          • $2.75 or $0.40 for reduced lunch
            • We are on the low end of pricing in county?
      • 30% of students participate in the lunch program
          • How can we increase this number, what do we think are reasons more people don’t participate?
      • Less than 25-30 staff members participate
          • How can we increase this number, what do we think are reasons more people don’t participate?

    Changes we would like to see now (1 month)

    • Take highest sugar item from menu and remove it
    • Can we impose a sugar cap for our district?
    • Can we change the name of the fun lunch?
    • All 3 options to be healthy
    • 3 colors available on the salad bar
    • Washing hands/sanitizing hands before lunch

     Changes we would like to see soon (1-3 months)

    • Vegetarian options
    • Survey the families in the district x 3
    • Pork no more than 1 time a week
    • 1 healthy vegan option per day
    • Nutritional profiles of different meals that we serve
    • Can we look at calorie count in total for each lunch
    • Shift focus to whole foods/nutritional value of food

     Changes we would like to see later (next year)

    • Gardens at all 6 schools
    • Grants to apply for
    • Education for students about healthy eating
    • Restrictions on food accounts might be a possibility
    • More fruit and vegetable options
    • Emphasis on legumes
    • Food education in classes


    • Webtrician - where menus come from
    • All menu items needs to be in the nutrition guidelines for USDA
    • Any ala carte items need to meet sugar guidelines, 100% fruit juice,
    • Nutrislice App - 8 major allergens listed out, food content listed, gluten will be listed soon hopefully
    • Regional dietician looks over what Chartwells can and can’t buy
    • Chartwells has a waiver on biscuits for the whole grain guidelines, not using the waiver right now on pasta, tortillas, and pizza crust
    • Most waivers are due to compliance of kids not liking the taste of it
    • Surplus goes back into the food service program and has to stay there
    • Farm to Table - fruits and vegetables from local farmers
    • Waste Not program - looking at the school’s waste and looking for way to donate food, composting program
    • Programs for education in the classroom from Chartwells
    • March 28 - Whole grain sampling day
    • Clark Elementary - go in and do activities in classrooms
    • March 1 - green, eggs, and ham - (spinach, eggs, and ham)
    • The more participation we have the more commodity dollars we get from the state
    • On the plan to taste test items during lunch time
    • The On-the-Go option is supposed to be a quick option, and we have to have 3 choices
    • Trying to add more color, but sometimes they focus only on certain colors with students

    Sugar guidelines
    Are we meeting or exceeding the USDA guidelines?
    What is an average meal and what are the guidelines that it meets?
    Takes too much time to get through the lunch line
    Plant-based meals are important
    Veggie burger would be great to have
    Meatless Mondays - can we try?
    Amount of time elementary students have to eat lunch (not enough time)
    Can we make the salad bar look brighter?
    On-the-go option is a concern
    Concerns at the elementary level as those kids won’t pass up the sugary options
    Wants Chartwells to ask parents what they would like

    Earthdance Farms - possibility for a field trip
    PCRM website - section on school lunches
    Research and find districts that are already at where we want to go
    Analyze data from Chartwells

    ***Survey for parents about lunches and what they would like to see***

    Update on curriculum review

    • Be a part of the curriculum review, starting in the fall
    • Once review is completed, we would look at the final recommendations, CCC too