January 25, 2018

  • January 25, 2018

    Members Present:
    Betsy Moppert - CO, ER
    John M Thomas - CO
    Meghan Haines - ST, AV
    Neshama Roash - AV, ST, HX
    Casey Ann Merriman - BR
    Kristina Stuber - ER, HS
    Jessica Griffin - ER

    • Updates
      • Facebook Page - what do we really want?  Purpose? Audience?
        • Not yet, until we have a stronger focus
        • Possibly look at adding information on new website
      • What is the best way to share wellness information with parents?
        • Evening workshops?
        • Presentations for families?
        • Facebook?
        • District website?
        • Building emails (Sunday Scoop) vs. district email?
          • Need to be concise and to the point
          • Depends on the topic
          • Interactive would be great
          • 1 time a year - have a speaker series, wellness night, food prep night about healthy eating
          • Adding a wellness focus to PE classes, counselor’s lessons, health lessons
      • Chartwells
        • Nancy Schubert-Pelant
          • What can we change and what can’t we change?  What can we change now for the remaining contract?
          • Can we look at seasoning alternatives; sea salt, hot sauce, other condiments etc.
        • Lunch prices
          • $2.75 or $0.40 for reduced lunch
            • We are on the low end of pricing in county
          • $3.29 for free and $2.89 for reduced from state reimbursement
        • 30% of students participate in the lunch program
        • Less than 25-30 staff members participate
        • We pay Chartwells an Admin fee but we set lunch prices and we can get involved in menus and options offered
        • USDA sets nutrition requirements
        • Send out for bids in the Fall
          • We can to set how we want the program to look like and then the food service company follows what we want.  
        • We need to watch costs constraints and equity for all students to participate.  Look at having a basic lunch at low cost and options for a higher costs possibly
      • Meghan Haines shares lunch menus
    • Look at wellness policies
    • Possible Subgroups under this committee to start setting up
      • Staff wellness?
      • School lunches?
      • Student wellness/mental health?
      • Family wellness?
      • Physical fitness?
      • Curriculum review of wellness