Sirius Homework and Revisions Policy

  • Teachers expect assigned work to be turned in on time. If students are struggling with homework, we still expect written effort, which may be in the form of a thoughtful guess, reflection, or a series of questions.

    You can find nightly homework on the portal, which can be accessed on any device with internet service. There is a user friendly app called Tyler 360 that will send you homework updates and reminders.

    The total amount of homework will vary each night depending on what we are doing in class. The following are general guidelines:

    Math: Students will work 15 minutes nightly on assigned problems.

    English Language Arts (ELA): Students complete a reading log each week. It is handed out on Wednesdays in ELA and due the following Wednesday. Reading goals are individually based on student reading level and reading speed. Throughout the year, students may need to finish major writing pieces at home. There are also periodic quizzes and tests that the kids will study for at home.

    Science: Students can expect one or two nights of homework per learning goal. Usually, they will have at least two nights to complete the assignment. All students should attempt each question even if they are unsure of their answers.

    American History: Although students are not given written homework regularly, they will need to prepare for Check-up quizzes. Therefore, nightly review is helpful. They may also need to finish classwork at home.