• August 20, 2019


    1. Run For Webster Event October 19
      1. Flu shots from the VNA
      2. Blookd Pressure screening and Resources if blood pressure is high
      1. Flyer about the February event
      2. Vaccination information, how old and what shots
      3. try to get wellness committee banner
      4. Give-away items and sign-up for committee, mission statement, what we have accomplished over the last couple years.
      5. Table needs to be set up by 8am and manned until 11am
    2. WellSat 2.0
      1. Section 1
      2. ADF: District Wellness Program
      3. EF: Food Service Management
      4. EFB: Free and Reduced Price Food Service
      5. IGAEA: Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
      6. JEFA: Open/Closed Campus
    3. Health and Wellness Event - February 1
      1. Time 10am-1pm @ Steger
      2. February Food, Fun, and Fit as the name of the event
      1. Chess, checkers, jump ropes
      2. treasure hunt, scavenger hunt
      3. think of vendors that would follow our theme
      4. no set times for speakers (drop in and out)