• March 12, 2019


    Resources and Ideas Spreadsheet


    Communication and PR - flyers, program, get info out (Andrea A.)

    Flyer 2 change times from words to numbers:

      • Revise “opioids and mental health” to opioid or mental health
      • Move kids activities up to 10 to noon timeslot
      • Revise activities for kids to family activities
    • Flyer 1
    • Flyer 2
    • Program Tri-fold
      • What should be included?
        • Panel 1 time and place of activities
        • Panel 2 keynote topics and speakers
        • Panel 3 breakout sessions
        • Panel 4 sponsors
        • Panel 5 Title of event
        • Panel 6 breakout sessions
    • Cathy V’s Communication
      • WG/K Times - letter to the editor if we can’t get an add space by Monday 8 @ noon
      • Post on district social media
      • Radio 63119
      • Post flyers in local businesses
    • Share with Principals to include in newsletters, building electronic correspondence, backpack mail, email to classroom teachers, Sunday Scoop
    • Share with WGSD non-public schools


    Food and Donations (Shannon Carr)

    • Lots being contacted
      • Donations?  Raffle tickets?  Who hands out?
        • Create jars for each item that was donated
        • Look for more tickets at the Dollar Store
        • pens/pencils from co--JMT
        • Each place they go, they get a ticket to put in a jar
        • People put their raffle ticket in the jar with their name and phone number
        • Folks don’t need to be present at time of drawing
        • Sign for the raffle area
        • Put the table by the gym offices
      • Should we do food?  Concerns with allergies?
        • Dierbergs - food
        • Catering Company (Fenton) - pasta or wrap
          • Can drop off Friday before at ER
        • Chartwells
        • Trader Joe’s
        • Straubs
        • Lucky’s (?)
        • Whole Foods (?)
        • Nancy will check on water/cups/napkins
        • Create signs for each vendor


      • How many tables and how many chairs
        • Gym Foyer food set up
          • L shape
          • 3-4 tables
        • 4 tables and chairs for cup stacking
        • Trash and recycle bins


    Keynote sessions

    • Betsy and JMT both introduce a session
      • Welcome/Thanks for coming
      • Structure of the day
      • Supervise children during family activities
      • Breakout session are meant for families, not just adults
      • Raffle tickets
      • Introduce session/speaker
      • Pass out raffle tickets
      • At end of session thank presenter
    • 1 session in library; 1 session in cafe


    Breakout Sessions - 24 slots (Marsha Bradford)

    • 8 sessions that each go 30 minutes and all presenters run 2 sessions
    • Make sure the correct spaces are chosen for each presenter
    • We need a map of school with marked spaces for presentations
      • Like the mall (you are here dot)
    • Need to get a write up about each presenter/organization for the tri-fold
      • Just topic and presenter and room number


    • How many adult chairs needed for each room?
      • 20 chairs in each classroom


    Family Activities - supervision, variety of activities for different ages (Colleen and Justine)

    • Use nature trail, basketball hoops, and blacktop area
    • We need signs made
    • We need to find more helpers to monitor kids for safety
    • Ask for volunteers
      • Sign up for designated time/location
        • 30 min volunteer slots
        • Betsy make google form
        • Stations outside
        • Welcome/raffle table
          • Connect w/ me cards at welcome table
          • Name and phone number on raffle ticket
        • Team Nutrition
      • Target wellness committee members
      • Set up
      • Clean up


    Resource Tables

    • Info about resources tables and what they are showing in a pamphlet
    • Do we need to have donated bags for people to carry to collect goodies in?
    • How many tables and how many chairs?
      • 1 table and 1 chair available


    What else are we missing??


    Have Welcome/raffle  table

    We need to contact all organizations and presenters with final information and details