• April 9, 2019


    Final pieces


    1. JMT/Betsy will reach out to Cathy V about doing a phone blast to district families Thursday
      1. Reminder to buildings
        1. Announcement to students
      2. Print 300 brochures
      3. Sponsors in ABC order
    2. Do we have enough raffle tickets?
      1. I will go around and place raffle tickets in a desk near the entrance to each room and participants can take one as they leave a session
    3. We need to make a sign that says RAFFLE and one that says PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER ON THE BACK SIDE OF YOUR RAFFLE TICKET (Andrea)
    4. Where are we on food donations?  What else do we need to buy?
      1. One food donations--Red Zucchini
        1. Finger foods (frutadas)
      2. Chartwells
        1. Cheese
        2. Fruit
        3. water
      3. Sam’s run
        1. Betsy/JMT
    5. We need to make signs for all the food items and where it came from (Jessica)
    6. Make signs for RECYCLE BINS (use big trash cans on wheels too) (Andrea)
    7. We need to make a comment card (Shannon)
      1. What topics would you like to see for next year
      2. What went well and/or suggestions for improvement
    8. Make a sign in sheet at the welcome tables and breakout sessions (Jessica)




    4 tables for cup stacking

    L shape with tables for food (4)

    4 tables and set up for raffle, welcome, and connect with me cards, Team Nutrition

    2 tables outside for jump rope giveaways

    Set up all outdoor activities

    100 chairs in the library, use cafeteria tables and add 20 chairs

    20 chairs in each of the 9 classrooms being used

    Hang signs outside each door

    Hang outside signs

    Set up all tables for resources area and put 2 chairs at each table

    Put out recycle bins near food and outside

    Set out food, napkins, fill out water pitchers, set out signs for food

    Desk for raffle tickets in each room

    Take a picture of every room we are using to confirm setup

    Assign numbers to each raffle bucket and image

    set a laptop or Chromebook in all 9 rooms and make sure they connect

    put out cones to block off gym foyer parking lot

    label tables in gym for each vendor

    tear apart raffle tickets


    get buckets for comment cards to go into

    get containers for raffle tickets to go into before being passed out.

    check condition of the courtyard


    Clean Up


    Stack up all resources tables and chairs

    Get 20 chairs out of each classroom and stack up

    Take down room signs and outside signs

    Stack up and bring in chairs from outside

    Bring in all outside equipment and out in the gym

    Stack up chairs from library and cafeteria

    Put rooms back the way they were

    Stack up tables in the gym foyer and chairs

    Clean up welcome table, connect with me cards, Team Nutrition, and raffle

    Clean up food items

    Call winners for raffle a couple minutes before the end of last session