• May 14, 2019


    Positives of the Health/Wellness Event

    • Diversity of booths and presenters
    • Food
    • Set up and break down
    • Free treets
    • Organization
    • Cup stacking
    • Vendors

    Changes for next year

    • Have event in January/February or October to coincide with flu shots
    • Get PR out earlier, send home a physical flyer
    • Have event start later or go longer
    • Other organizations (BeSmart
    • Have brochure in a PDF that is posted prior to event
    • Signs on doors with description of presentation
    • Layout of vendor tables
    • Friday night with balloons, etc. to not compete with Saturday events
    • More physical activities
    • Avoid plastic bags
    • Keynotes later in the event
    • More advertising
    • Music
    • Have in winter
    • Set up on floor for kids rather than tables for little kids
    • Round table
    • Varied diet concepts/nutrition
    • Screenings for blood pressure, etc.
    • Flu shots, immunizations
    • Fewer presentations
    • Narrower focus
    • Vision screening
    • firetruck


    Talk among schools about their events to make sure we don’t duplicate

    Communication system between schools and PTOs

    Collaborate between schools

    Bring it up in DLT


    Focus for next year

    • Fall event with flu shots, vision, blood pressure (Run for Webster: Saturday, Oct 19th, 2019)
    • Drug Prevention event in conjunction with WGHS--JMT
    • CDC Whole Community, Whole School, Whole Child
    • WellSAT (district wellness assessment)
    • SHAC (building wellness focus)
    • SHI self assessment (building focus) consider rolling out 20/21
    • Wellness Facebook Page
    • Webster on Wheels - have Children’s Safety Stop
    • 40 Developmental Assets (after WellSAT maybe)
    • Grant to help fund wellness assessment of community?????
    • Possibility of district funds
    • Recruit high school student(s) to provide child care during meetings (A+ hours)
    • Meet 3rd Tuesday of the Month for 19/20 school year beginning in August from 6:00 to 7:00
    • February 1st Wellness Event


    Each meeting do 1 part of the WellSat

    Each meeting talk about getting SHI in each building

    August - Run for Webster event

    October - event preparation

    December - Health/Wellness event

    January - Health/Wellness event

    March - Reflect over event

    May - plan for next year