BOE Assignments 2021-2022


    Administrator Compensation
    David Addison, Allen Todd

    This committee consists of building and district-wide administrators as well as the Superintendent and Board members. We discuss the administrator’s salary schedule by making comparisons to the market and other districts. This committee also discusses any concerns and/or requests from administrators regarding salary and benefits. They make recommendations to the Board.
    *Building Advisory
    Allen Todd, David Addison (alt.)

    This committee reviews district facility issues and needs. Advise district on major facilities/building projects. Make facilities related recommendations to district and the Board.
    Christine Keller

    This committee discusses the calendar annually for the year after the upcoming year. We look at student attendance days, teacher PD days, etc. We make recommendations to the Board for the calendar. The committee members report back to the schools to receive feedback and process any new suggestions.
    Curriculum Coordinator Council (CCC)
    Jo Doll, Christine Keller, Kita Quinn

    CCC participants act as a sounding board for the public before curriculum and instruction issues are taken to the BOE. Information on best practices both inside and outside the district is shared, and the effectiveness of the curriculum and instruction of the district is monitored by examining assessment data on an annual basis.
    Equity in Action
    Kita Quinn, Alex Kahn

    Equity in Education participants help to develop a district/building level action plan focused on ensuring equity for all students and eliminating barriers that are holding back the full participation and/or achievement of all students, particularly students deemed at-risk or students of color. Participants serve as a catalyst for community actions and resources directed toward closing the achievement gap and enhancing learning for all.
    David Addison, Allen Todd (alt.)

    This committee monitors district revenues, expenditures and finances. Review all business/finance related issues impacting district operations. Make recommendations to the district and Board regarding business, financial and operational issues.
    Jo Doll, David Addison

    This group reviews proposed changes to district health insurance for staff and makes recommendations to the district regarding how costs should be shared.
    Kita Quinn, Alex Kahn

    This committee consists of teachers, Board members and the Human Resources representative. We discuss any concerns and/or issues staff may have that is district-wide. There are times when issues are brought up that are not for the district level. When this occurs the Human Resources representative works through those issues with the school.
    Legislative Advocacy
    Christine Keller, Alex Kahn

    In addition to local stakeholder participation, this committee includes members of the Clayton, Maplewood-Richmond Heights, and Kirkwood School Districts. The purpose of this group is to become informed regarding legislative matters affecting public education and to take an active role in responding.
    David Addison, Allen Todd, Jo Doll

    This committee is the same as the Issues committee however with different Board representatives and the CFO/COO. Meet and Confer discusses the teachers’ salary schedule. Research is conducted with analysis of the market and other districts. This committee works together to draft what would be a sustainable and fair salary scale for our teaching staff. This committee makes recommendations to the Board based upon discussions of the findings.
    Jo Doll, Kita Quinn, Allen Todd

    This group reviews proposed changes to district policies initiated internally or through MSBA.
    *Strategic Planning
    All Board Members

    The purpose of this committee is to support the design and review of the district strategic plan including the accompanying goals and measures.
    Support Staff Compensation
    Jo Doll, Kita Quinn

    This committee consists of building and district-wide support staff as well as the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Board members. Support staff salaries and benefits are discussed, and recommendations are then made to the Board.
    Jo Doll, Alex Kahn 

    The committee reviews district health and wellness related activities, discusses current trends, and makes recommendations on programing.

    Walter Ambrose Family Center
    Allen Todd, Alex Kahn 


    Christine Keller, David Addison 

    Jo Doll, Allen Todd 

    David Addison 

    Givens Elementary
    Kita Quinn, Jo Doll 

    Edgar Road
    Alex Kahn, David Addison 

    Jo Doll, Alex Kahn

    Kita Quinn, Christine Keller, Allen Todd

    High School
    Jo Doll, Kita Quinn

    MSBA Delegate:
    Christine Keller, Allen Todd (alt.)

    Parks & Recreation - City of Webster Groves:
    David Addison

    EdPlus, Legislative Rep.:
    John Simpson

    School District Foundation Ex Officio Board Member:
    David Addison

    SSD Governing Council & Parents Advisory Council:
    Alex Kahn 

    David Addison

    *Board-appointed committee


    Christine Keller
    Rock Hill
    Kita Quinn
    Alex Kahn
    Warson Woods
    Jo Doll
    Webster Groves
    Allen Todd