BOE Assignments 2023-2024


    Administrator Compensation
    Allen Todd, Christine Keller

    This committee consists of building and district-wide administrators as well as the Superintendent and Board members. The committee reviews the administrator’s salary schedule by making comparisons to the market and other districts. This committee also discusses any concerns and/or requests from administrators regarding salary and benefits. 
    *Building Advisory Committee  
    Allen Todd, Christine Keller (alt.)

    This committee monitors and reviews district facility issues and needs facing the district and provides recommendations to the board and the district's administration regarding facility and building projects.   
    Jo Doll, Christine Keller

    This committee discusses the calendar annually for the year after the upcoming year. They look at student attendance days, teacher PD days, etc. and make recommendations to the Board. The committee members report back to the schools to receive feedback and process any new suggestions.
    Curriculum Coordinator Council (CCC)
    Kita Quinn, Christine Keller, Tara Scheer

    This committee hears updates to curriculum and instruction related program evaluations, updates related to state-wide issues that impact teaching and learning, share feedback related to new course proposals, and offer community perspective to annual topics/plans such as federal programs, professional learning for staff, assessment, and summer programming.   
    Equity in Action
    Alex Kahn, Kita Quinn

    This committee provides guidance to the district administration and board regarding the district's anti-bias/anti-racism work, particularly in the areas of curricula, professional development, hiring and retention, school culture and family/community engagement.  The Equity in Education committee is guided by the WGSD Equity Resolution and Anti-Bias/Anti-Racism policy.
    Tara Scheer, Alex Kahn (alt.)

    This committee monitors financial issues and trends facing the district and provides public oversight and advice to the board and the district's administration regarding financial and related issues, acting in the public's best interest as a community representative and liaison to the board.   
    Alex Kahn

    This committee reviews proposed changes to health insurance for staff and makes recommendations to the district regarding costs as well as serves as a resource for employees who have general questions and/or concerns related to insurance.
    Jo Doll, Allen Todd, Kita Quinn

    This committee reviews proposed changes to district policies initiated internally or through MSBA.    

    Safety & Security
    Christine Keller, Grace Lee

    This committee is a safe learning community where our learners (students and staff) feel a sense of belonging and connection to others.    


     *Strategic Planning
    All Board Members

    This committee supports the implementation and review of the district strategic plan including the accompanying goals and measures.    
    Support Staff Compensation
    Jo Doll, Allen Todd

    This committee consists of building and district-wide support staff as well as the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Board members. Support staff salaries and benefits are discussed, and recommendations are then made to the Board.  

    Tara Scheer

    This committee reviews district health and wellness related activities, discusses current trends, and makes recommendations on programming.    



    Walter Ambrose Family Center
    Allen Todd


    Christine Keller, Tara Scheer

    Allen Todd 

    Grace Lee, Alex Kahn 

    Edgar Road
    Alex Kahn, Grace Lee 

    Givens Elementary
    Kita Quinn  

    Jo Doll 

    Christine Keller 

    High School
    Jo Doll, Kita Quinn, Tara Scheer

    MSBA Delegate:
    Alex Kahn

    Parks & Recreation - City of Webster Groves:
    Grace Lee

    EdPlus, Legislative Rep.:
    Alex Kahn

    School District Foundation Ex Officio Board Member:
    Allen Todd

    SSD Governing Council & Parents Advisory Council:
    Tara Scheer, Alex Kahn (alt.)

    Will designate if needed

    *Board-appointed committee

    Christine Keller
    Rock Hill
    Kita Quinn, Tara Scheer
    Alex Kahn
    Warson Woods
    Jo Doll
    Webster Groves
    Allen Todd, Grace Lee