To Report Your Child's Absence

  • To report your child's absence, please call your child's assistant principal's office directly:

    Last name A-E, John M. Thomas--918.4131

    Last name F - K, Shiree Yeggins--918.4132

    Last name L - R, Madeline Raimondo--918.4127

    Last name S-Z, Dwight Kirksey--918.4139

    Please Review Student Check-Out Procedures

    If students know in advance that they need to check out from school, they should bring a written, signed note from a parent stating the time at which they are to check out. Students should present their request to the assistant principal’s office before school. Parents may also call in to the Assistant Principal's office ahead of time and have students check out at the designated time. When leaving school during the day, students must check out through the assistant principal’s office. If students do not follow this procedure, their absence will be considered cutting class. In case of sickness, students check out through the school nurse. In case of emotional upset, students should see their counselors or an administrator to discuss whether or not to remain in school.

    When students need to check out of school early:

    1.  We require at least one hour notice when calling your student out early.  Call the Assistant Principal's office before the designated time and report the absence.  You may also send a note with the student to be presented to the Assistant Principal's office before school.

    2.  At the designated time, your student will receive a pass to check out if you called ahead.  The student will check out in the Assistant Principal's office.

    3.  You will NOT enter the building if you have called the absence in and communicated a pick-up location with your child.  However, if you choose to pick up your child in the building, you must do so at the main entrance on Selma Avenue.  Upon entering the building, check in with the receptionist. Please bring your driver's license if you are checking in.  The receptionist will contact the Assistant Principal’s office to send for your student.  Please be aware that not calling ahead to schedule an early release can take up to 30 minutes to send for a student.

    All attendance procedures are outlined in detail in the Student Handbook.  To report your child's absence, please call your child's assistant principal's office directly:

    Dwight Kirksey--918.4139
    Shiree Yeggins--918.4132
    Madeline Raimondo--918.4127
    John E. Thomas--918.4131