• Best Buddies Members,
    Please complete both of the following things:
    Best Buddies Member List Google Form (helps us keep a running list 
    Best Buddies Membership Application***Must be done ASAP!

    1)     Go to www.bestbuddiesonline.org

    2)     Click the “Membership Application” button and then select “Middle School” “High School” or “College” depending on your program

    3)     On the next page, select “New Member”

    4)     Complete the application. It’s important that we have current information in all fields. You will need to enter your Membership and Officer Roles and provide parent/guardian consent.

    5)     Then click “I Agree” on the Consent Page.

    6)     After you complete these steps, I will receive the application and approve. You should receive an e-mail notification that your application has been approved and then you’ll be able to log-in to you chapter site.