Safety & Accessibility

  • Hoener Associates architectural firm is working on improving and upgrading the safety, security and accessibility features at each of our district facilities. Proposition E provides approximately $6 million for the improvements, which will include such measures as:

    • At each school, create secure vestibules that will include electronically controlled entry devices, secured service window and video monitoring
    • Interior classroom and office doors will receive improved security measures such as glass mitigation and or replacement where necessary, operable door deadbolts and vision shades
    • Exterior doors will receive improved security measures which may include glass mitigation and or replacement where necessary, additional door alarm and video monitoring
    • Ground level window security will be addressed by the installation of security film, tinting to disrupt direct vision, blinds or other resolution to prevent, deter interior visibility/entry from ground level window openings.
    • Avery, Bristol and Edgar Road will receive the installation of an elevator and or chairlifts to improve the accessibility at each building
    • Improved building access by installing accessible sidewalks/ ramps along with improved wayfinding/signage
    • District wide communication system.

    Design Package #2 “Safety, Security and Accessibility” is currently in the design development stage of the planning with bid packages scheduled to be issued late January. Project work to begin late spring of 2020 with all projects being completed by the 2021-2022 school year